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Do you own Canon Printers for your home or office? Which Canon Ink Cartridges do you use? Are you too among those who use Third party printer ink cartridges for their printers just to save few bucks? If yes, then you are at risk!

It is recommended to use your printer manufacturers’ ink. Third party ink cartridges can save you money, but it pays to be cautious. In this article we are letting you know the disadvantages of using third party ink cartridges & how your Canon Printer will be at risk if you are a frequent user of third party ink cartridges.

Canon Printer manufacturer’s Ink Cartridges

You need to use Canon Printer’s Ink Manufacturer Cartridges since

  • The manufacturer’s ink formula is specific to your printer.
  • Your Canon inkjet/laser printers are very complex devices.
  • Your inkjet is squirting out in the neighborhood of 50,000 drops of ink per second per nozzle which is specifically designed feature your printer has.
  • The digital computer in your printer is expecting to see the formulated ink that was designed for it. If there is some other viscosity ink coming out of the nozzle, your printer will run down.

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Why Not to Use Third Party Ink Cartridges?

Typically, third-party printer inks come in refurbished or refilled cartridges that are sold at a discount. Consumers like third-party printer inks because they are cost effective. But they don’t always work well, according to Consumer Reports’ testers, and they could void your printer’s warranty.

In Consumer Reports’ most recent annual printer survey, 37 percent of respondents said they have tried third-party printer ink cartridges, which can cost much less than name-brand products.

Following are the things you should know before buying third-party ink cartridges:

Third Party Inks May Run Down Your Printer

The third party ink suppliers buy empty, used cartridges and fill them with their inks. Third party cartridges are empty, used cartridges that are refilled and rebuilt with what the third party rebuilder is using. An empty toner cartridge is good for at least one, maybe two, at most, rebuilds. Then, the drum, rollers and bushings are shot. They may fill the toner bin with toner and NOT replace any of the worn parts.

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 Quality Can Be Inconsistent

In CR’s printers survey, 63 percent of respondents who used aftermarket cartridges say they’re just as good as name-brand cartridges, while 36 percent think they’re not up to par.

There may occur inconsistencies with your printer if you use third-party cartridges. You can always seek help from canon live chat or can contact canon printer for any issue related to paper jam, ink cartridges, wireless connectivity or more.

Third-Party Ink Might Void Your Warranty

Your Canon printer warranty states that it become invalid if you use non-OEM (original equipment manufacturer) ink. In this case, the manufacturer could deny support for your Canon Printer even if it is in warranty period.

If you want to try third-party inks, we recommend you to wait until the warranty on your printer has expired.

No Low Ink Warnings if you Use Third Party Ink Cartridges

Another common problem- With third-party cartridges, you may not be warned about low ink until your printer stops printing a particular color. Additionally, some third-party ink isn’t well made. We have heard a lot about leaking or empty cartridges, as well as inks prone to smudging.

So if you’re going to try third-party ink, buy from a company with a good reputation and be aware of the risks.

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