Fed up with Grinding Loud Noise in Your Canon Printer? Tips to Avoid or Call 1-800-436-0509 Canon Printer Helpline

imgpsh_fullsizeMost printers while going through a print-head clean cycle, makes a loud grind noise, that keeps on annoying you from the time you turn on your printer. Little sound needs no further examination but if the sound is louder while printing, then you need to take the matter seriously since it may damage your printer. If you are too worrying about the continuous loud sound your Canon printer is making then here we presents the most reliable solution to this. Follow the solutions as mentioned or call Canon Printer Tech Support Number for further inquiring about the issue your Canon is facing.

What can be the Cause for Canon Loud Sound?

The cause of the problem may be that the printer’s clutch actuator is disengaged. To resolve this, Re-engage the clutch actuator as mentioned below.

Solutions to Resolve Loud Noise by Canon Printers

Find below all the possible solutions if your printer is not printing, started making a loud sound while printing or show the following symptoms:

  • Drive rollers rotate but do not pick up paper.
  • The printer emits loud, grinding noises.
  • Printer lights are blinking.

How to Re-engage the clutch actuator?

You may need to re-arrange the clutch actuator in order to resolve this loud sound issue on your printer. The carriage assembly, which holds the ink cartridges, if stalls at the left side of the printer. There is a strong possibility that a paper jam may have occurred previously. Check the printer’s clutch actuator which may have disengaged. To fix a re-engaged clutch actuator, try following the steps:

  • Open the printer lid.
  • Unplug the power cord from the back of the printer.
  • Remove the upper paper tray.
  • Slide the carriage assembly, which holds the ink cartridges, away from the left side of the printer.
  • If the carriage assembly is stuck at the left side, push down on the large black bar directly above the three large rollers and release it so it springs back up. Gently lift the carriage assembly and try moving it to the right again.
  • Locate the metal gear assembly at the left side of the printer. Directly above the metal gear is the clutch actuator. You need to point down the right edge of the clutch actuator. If you are not getting what to do or confused with these steps, call Canon printer helpline.
  • If the arrow on the clutch actuator is stuck between the metal gear and plastic half-gear, lift the clutch actuator and move the arrow to the right of the plastic half-gear. Once the arrow on the clutch actuator is to the right of the gears, the clutch actuator should move freely right and left.
  • Replace the upper paper tray.
  • Close the printer lid.
  • Plug in the power cord to the back of the printer.
  • Turn the printer on.
  • Print a self-test by pressing and holding the Resume button (upper button) for five seconds and releasing it.
  • If the same problem still exists, verify that both ink cartridges are snapped into the carriage tightly and are not loose.
  • Try printing again.

Troubleshoot the Issue with Canon Printer Customer Care Number

If the above steps fail to troubleshoot your canon Printer noise errors, then Click on this link to logon canon printer customer care number, which is available 24×7 to major countries like USA, UK & Australia. Our certified technical support team will assist you through our Canon Live Chat or Online support. We offer the best solutions for Canon issues like browser/driver compatibility, WIFI connection, paper jam or driver support etc.

Call us on our canon printer support phone number USA 1-800-436-0509. If you are located in UK then call on canon tech support number +44-800-046-5700 & for Australia canon printer customer care number is 1-800-769-903.


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