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With the constantly changing technology, printers are also experience regular updates and upgrades, with the latest models added with more benefits & improvements over previous printer models. Maintaining your printer on a regular basis will not only prevent any future error hitting your printer but also drastically enhance your printer’s life. In this post we have listed some essential tips to Maintain Your Printer well. If after following all the tips, you still encounter with any error, you can always Contact Canon Printer on 1-800-436-0509. With the help you a little knowledge of printers, you can clean your printer, maintain essential parts of your printer, avoid paper jam or ink cartridge issues while keeping your printer working absolutely fine for the years to come. Here are the five tips that you can follow to keep your printer working perfectly okay.

Try Using Genuine Canon Printer Spare Parts Only

You may require opening or repairing your Canon printer for maintenance anytime in future. The best way to do that is: turn off the power, keep your hands clear of moving parts inside the printer, and then proceed. This will prevent unnecessary damage to the printer and to you. If your technician advises you to change or repair any part of your printer, you must go for original spare parts only directly from original Canon Printer outlet only.

Clean Your Printer Heads on Regular Basis

If your printing not printing good prints or showing white missing ink lines running across the text even when your cartridges are full, then there might be any problem with your printer heads. Your printer heads are possibly clogged and need to be cleaned. Check out the manual that came with your Printer or self-clean the printer cartridges with care. You need to be extra careful while cleaning the heads, as the cleaning process will use some ink. Try call on Canon printer toll free number 1-800-436-0509 if you need help cleaning your printer heads.

Remove Dust and Debris Regularly

Build-up of dust, toner and other debris inside your printer can cause jams as well as streaks of ink that does not look good. You can remove the small paper bits jammed inside using a small vacuum. Further for cleaning you can use a cotton swab and purified water to clean the ink cartridges. The manual instructions for cleaning can be found in the printer manual or online. You can talk to us for Canon support via Canon Live chat option available on our website.

Take an Expert technician help to Resolve Mechanical Errors

Like most products, your printer will last longer if you take good care of it. Instead of getting irritated when a jam occurs refer to the instructions that come with the printer to find the best way to fix a jam on your specific printer model. The best way to resolve these errors are contacting the technicians who are well-versed in resolving every issue related to printers. The best thing is: calling them is absolutely free and you can get all support over phone, you need not to take your bulky printer anywhere. Looking for Canon printer tech support? Dial toll free 1-800-769-903 AU available to users across USA & Canada.

Buy a Full Maintenance Kit to Repair Small Faults Yourself

If you are looking to extend the life of your printer, you can purchase a full maintenance kit either from your printer’s manufacturer or online from manufacture’s website. These kits are very essential and include a range of maintenance products from cleaning supplies to changeable printer parts such as rollers, which, when dirty or worn out that will be very helplful in removing your paper jams or other hardware issues.

Still Facing Problems? Dial Canon Printer Toll Free Number

If you want to know more tips on how to keep your printer healthy and error free, we recommend you to try the trustworthy Canon printer helpline number +44-800-046-5700 UK, which is absolutely toll free with availability 24×7. Our certified technical support team will assist you to sync your canon printer with your system. We also resolve your every printer related error or bug whether your concern is regarding the configuration of your canon printer, or the browser/driver compatibility issue.

Just note down our canon printer customer care number 1-800-436-0509 for USA/Canada, +44-800-046-5700 for UK and 1-800-769-903 for Australia.



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