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Low-Quality Printing Problem is a frequent issue with most of the Printer users around the world. If you are too fed up with poor and washed out prints from your Canon printer, then this article is for you.

If you are not satisfied with the quality of the print that you are getting with your Canon printer, there might be the problem is with its setting. Adjusting printer’s setting and making some tweaks here and there may help you what you are expecting from your printer. But what are these settings? How would you do that yourself at home? For these queries follow the steps below that will surely help you get the most of your Canon Printer.  You can also talk to one of our experienced technician through Canon Printer Customer Support available 24×7 on numbers below.

Get High-Quality Prints from Canon Printer with these Manual Steps

To avoid low prints from your Canon Printer, you must adjust your printing settings to the right size. This is essential since your computer and printer works as per the command you will give. So, in order to get quality prints, you must be aware of the correct pixels and resolution needed for a good quality prints.

Choose Right dpi (Dots per Inch)

For a sharp quality print, you need at least 300 dpi (dots per inch). To further explain this DPI settings, let your photo is of 3000 by 6000 pixels. Make this fraction simpler by dividing the dimension by 300. The new dpi we will get is 10 by 20. This dpi is required to let you print a photo of 10×20 inches with quality prints. Thus a print size directly depends on the dpi settings of a printer that you must adjust accordingly. Remember this just one aspect, there are other factors also that exist & affect the print quality.

Always Go for the Quality Print Paper

After dpi, choosing the right paper is another aspect that helps in improving the quality of print. So, you must choose the quality print paper to get a quality print.

Use Genuine Ink Only

It is suggested to always use manufacturer’s genuine ink when refilling your Canon Printer cartridges. A Printer requires proper care and maintenance so using genuine products is a must. Feeding it anything may cause unstable result in printing. Therefore, it is best to refill it with manufacturer’s ink only as your printer is compatible with it.

Check Each & Every Setting

Before preparing your Canon printer for printing, double-check the printing settings. Other settings to consider include: whether the papers are loaded properly, check if the setting of your printer matches the quality of paper you are using, and also check if in case papers are flipped properly.

Regular Service is a must

Maintaining and Servicing your Canon printer is a must to avoid later print issues of low-quality output. It is suggested to get your printer clean & service in every two months. Ensure your printer be in regular use and should not remain unused for more than a week. Even if you don’t need to print, it is best to print something regularly to make your printer in use regularly. This habit prevents the printing nozzles to stick up for not being used for a long duration.

So, these are some of the tips and tricks that you can follow to resolve low-quality printing problem in your Canon Printer. If you follow this manual guide regularly, we ensure you will get the quality prints every time. In case you still are not satisfied with the result after following above tips, it is better to seek help from experts. Find the Canon Printer Customer Care numbers below to proceed.

Still Facing Problems? Dial Canon Printer Customer Care| Support

If the above steps fail to troubleshoot your canon Printer Print issue, we recommend you to try the trustworthy Canon printer helpline numberUSA/Canada:  1-800-436-0509,UK: +44-800-046-5700, Australia: 1-800-769-903

which is absolutely toll free with availability 24×7. Our certified technical support team will assist you in resolving your Canon print issues instantly.

Our experienced team of professionals has immense knowledge, be its related to software or the hardware, or driver compatibility & printer error issues. Our experts are available round the clock, so feel free to get in touch with Canon Tech support with toll free phone number anytime for any issues related to your printers.

We resolve all queries giving you 100% customer satisfaction. Just note down our canon printer technical support toll free numbers below:

USA/Canada:  1-800-436-0509

UK: +44-800-046-5700

Australia: 1-800-769-903




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Low-Quality Printing Problem is a frequent issue with most of the Printer users around the world. If you are too fed up with poor and washed out prints from your Canon printer, then this article is for you.

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