How to Connect Canon Printer to Computer

canon to computer

Connect Canon printers to a Computer used to be confusing. You had to connect to a special port, and always make sure that all of your drivers were configured correctly, and your operating system was feeling cooperative. Now it’s so simple whether you’re connecting a printer directly to your computer, setting up a network printer. To set the canon printer with your computer, you just follow the following steps:

Canon Printer Setup with Computer/Laptop

Step 1.  Set Your Printer with your Computer: You just make sure that it is close enough that the cable can reach your computer.

Step 2.  Install any software that came with your printer: To make the connection process easier, install any software that came packaged with the printer before connecting it.

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Step 3Plug the printer into your computer using a USB cable: Make sure to plug it into a USB port directly on your computer, and not a USB Hub. And ensure that the printer has been plugged into a power source and is turn on.

Step 4.  Install the printer: Windows should automatically find your new printer and install any additional software required.

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Step 5.  Confirmed that Your Printer is installed:

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