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maxresdefaultPrinter errors can be pretty frustrating, especially when you are in the middle of some important work with your printer. In this article, we have listed down all the Canon Pixma Errors and their possible solutions. These errors & the listed solutions are applicable for Canon Pixma Inkjet Printer IP and MP Series. The error codes on Canon Pixma generally mean machine problems that should be rectify to keep your printer working fine.

Canon Pixma Error Codes are indicated by the number of cycles of Alarm and Power LEDs blink, and flashes the corresponding error code on the screen. Mostly you can see such type of error on your screen: “Printer error has occurred. Turn off power then back on again. If problem persists, see the manual.”

All Canon Pixma Errors with Solutions

Find below the list of all Canon Pixma Errors and the possible solutions to them. You can contact Canon Printer Support anytime if you are getting an error other than this.

Carriage Error or Error Code 5100

This warning indicates an error that occurred in the carriage encoder signal. Possible reasons for this include:

  • Smearing or scratches on the carriage slit film: To resolve this, you must clean the timing slit film.
  • Obstruction due to foreign material or paper debris: To resolve this, you must remove foreign material.
  • Ink tank conditions: Try re-seating the ink tanks.

If you find no error solution or above solution fails, try replacing one of the following:

  • Timing slit disk film
  • Carriage unit
  • Logic board
  • Carriage motor

Line Feed error or Error Code 6000

This is an error that occurs in the LF encoder signal. It may happen because of:

  • Smearing or scratches on the LF / EJ slit film
  • Foreign material or paper debris in the LF drive;

To resolve this error, remove foreign material and try to clean the film. If the solution fails, try replacing:

  • LF / EJ slit film
  • LF / EJ timing sensor unit
  • Paper feed roller unit
  • Logic board
  • Paper feed motor

Purge cam sensor error or Error Code 5C00

This error indicates something wrong in the purge unit. To resolve this replace one off the following:

  • Purge drive system unit
  • Logic board

ASF sensor error or Error Code 5700

This error indicates a problem in the ASF cam sensor. Replace one of the following:

  • ASF unit
  • PE sensor board unit
  • Logic board

Internal temperature error or Error Code 5400

When the internal temperature is not normal, this error starts appearing. To rectify it, replace one of the following:

  • Carriage unit
  • Logic board
  • Print head

Ink absorber is full or Error Code 5B00, 5B01

If your Monitor screen displays: “Ink absorber full. Service required” , you are required to empty down your waste ink absorber. To rectify replace printer’s Ink absorber pad and reset the ink absorber counter value in the EEPROM.

Print head temperature rise error or Error Code 5200

This error appears when the print head temperature exceeded the specified value.

Solution: Turn off the printer and then turn on if error still persist replace Ink cartridge or print head.

Looking  Canon printer support? Dial Toll Free 1-800-436-0509.

VH monitor error or Error Code B200

When the print head voltage is abnormal, Error B200 starts flashing.


  • Replace Print head and logic board or the Power supply unit
  • Check and Clean Head contact pin condition of the carriage unit
  • Check Cable connection especially the carriage FFC

USB Host VBUS overcurrent or Error Code 9000

The USB Host VBUS is overloaded. Replace Logic board.

Pump roller sensor error or Error Code 5C20

This error indicates that the pump roller position cannot be detected. Replace Purge drive system unit.

Ink tank position sensor error or Error Code 6502

When none of the ink tank position is detected, this error appears.


  • check Ink tank position
  • Re-seat or replacement of ink tanks
  • Replace parts
    • Spur unit
    • Logic board

Flatbed motor error or Error Code 5012

An error occurred in the scanner flatbed motor. Scanner unit need to be replaced.

Still Facing Problems? Dial Canon Printer Toll Free Number

If the above steps fail to troubleshoot your canon Printer errors, we recommend you to try the trustworthy Canon printer helpline number, which is absolutely toll free with availability 24×7. Our certified technical support team will assist you to sync your canon printer with your system. You can also talk to us via Canon Live chat support.

Whether your concern is regarding the configuration of your canon printer, or the browser/driver compatibility issue, we resolve all giving you a 100% satisfaction.

Just note down our canon printer toll free number 1-800-436-0509 for USA/Canada, +44-800-046-5700 for UK and 1-800-769-903 for Australia.



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