How to Fix Common Problems When Printing PDFs? Canon Tech Support 1-800-436-0509 Number


Many printers find it hard printing PDF documents. The same problem has been reported with Canon users worldwide.

The main goal of the PDF file format was to create the means for presenting documents in a manner independent of application software, hardware and operating system. Printing a PDF document from your printer is not as easy as it is printing a file from a word processor such as Microsoft Office. Printing a PDF file is simple like other printing yet there are chances your PDF printing may go wrong because of some unseen issues.

To resolve this issue we have listed ways below. Just go through these issues and follow the troubleshooting steps as stated. Meanwhile you can call us on Canon Printer Tech Support Number 1-800-436-0509 USA to address any other issue faced by your Canon printer.

Issue 1: Missing fonts in a Printed PDF file

One of the most common issues you face when opening shared PDF documents is that if the font used in the document is not installed on your Computers Web Templates, then the printing starts causing errors. In this case your system software application will simply change the font type to its default. This could make a difference in overall document layout and the typography.

To resolve this issue, download PDF editor software from web. PDF editor software will further embed the fonts which are there on your document. This software will allow you to embed all fonts, or even no fonts at all. It’s up to you whether you want to embed all fonts or only some of the fonts. Since embedded font causes the file size to increase, this software gives you liberty to choose. If you do not embed the required fonts in the file, then surely you will get problems printing the PDF everytime.

Issue 2: Uneven Colors in a PDF file

When you create a document using PDF software, you may face a problem with the printed document that looks far different from how it appears without printing. Here resolution, display, printer quality and other variables may play a part, but the biggest culprit is the colors. Colors on monitor are presented in RGB (red, green and blue) while the file will use CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) when printed. This converted color form cause issues that result in complete change of PDF document color.

So how can this be avoided? You can resolve this issue with a well-designed document. Choosing clear images and using image-editing tools within the application will help you minimize the color issue. If the issue still not get resolved, contact Canon Printer Customer Care number 1-800-769-903 available across AU toll free.

Issue 3: Layering your PDF document can cause problem

When you create a PDF file, you have the option to use layers to help protect your work. If you want to edit the document or need to remove something, you can delete the layer without altering any other part of the document.


While the layer feature of PDF software aids you in creating a document, it may cause issues when it comes to printing since you have to flatten the layers, which can lead to mistakes being made in the final output. While flattening layers make sure to Store the original file, with all of the layers intact, as a new file.

PDF software help you avoid display problems when files are opened on a computer or device. They remain same even when they’re printed.

Canon Printer Technical Support 1-800-436-0509 Number

If you are still not able to print PDF documents from your Canon printer then feel free to call on canon printer helpline number +44-800-046-5700 UK. We resolve every issue arising with your computer operating system & Canon printer remotely. We will make sure that you will be able to set up, install, configure or connect your printer to WIFI easily & could be able to troubleshoot the future issues yourself. The errors we resolve with your Canon printer model include: setup & installation, printer configuration, wireless network or other technical error.

Just note down our Canon printer support phone number 1-800-436-0509 for USA/Canada, +44-800-046-5700 for UK and 1-800-769-903 for Australia.





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