How to Print Pictures from iPhone to Canon Printer?

How to print picture from iPhone?

Apple has made a wonderful device in form of iPhone and it changed the way we talked, interacted, took pictures and many other things. It is an innovative technology that allowed user to do so many usual tasks within a second. If you have your own iPhone, there are so many amazing things for you can do. For instance, if you have taken pictures of a bag or your pet and you need instant hard copy of these pictures, iPhone allows you to do in couple of taps. Here, we are sharing the blog, after read this you learn how to print picture from iPhone. Instead, you can also consult our canon printer technical support experts through our canon printer helpline number @ 1800-436-0509 to get a step-by-step assistance on this subject.

How to print picture from iPhone

Connect iPhone to Wi-Fi Connection

First of all, you should connect your iPhone to Wi-Fi, and always make sure your canon printer is Wi-Fi enabled and it is connected to the same network. Always keep in mind that in order to print from an iOS device, your printer must support AirPrint. Some printer companies such as HP have their own printing apps but such apps are only compatible to specific printers.

Connect iPhone to Wi-Fi Connection

Choose the Picture you want to Print

Launch the photo app in your iPhone and then select the photo you want to print. Now Click on the “share” button which is located at the lower left-hand corner of the screen and looks like an arrow coming out of rectangle. Choose any other images that you want to print and click on “Next” button.

Give Print Command

In the next window, locate the Print option in the rows of icon. You may have to swipe the screen to find the Printer icon.

Select a Printer

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Choose a Printer from the list of printers available. Select the number of copies you want and hit print. In case you don’t see your printer in the list, check if it is properly connected to network or support AirPrint. In this way you will able to print pictures for iPhone. For any printing issue, you can contact our Canon Printer Support Phone Number 1800-436-0509.

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