How to Troubleshoot Line Streaks in Canon Printers? Dial +18004360509 Canon Printer Tech Support Number

canon-printerMany a times you may have suffered from the dirty streaky lines on your paper prints. You waste maximum of your papers but the result is still the same. Streaking lines on a printed project can be a result of common printer problems and is fairly common on Canon printers and other brands of inkjet printers. Streaking lines are not always means that you should start replacing your printer parts. In most cases, they just need a little attention and quick cleaning troubleshoots.

In this article we have listed some troubleshooting tips that you may follow to get rid of those dirty streaky lines on your prints.  If the streaking lines don’t go away after following all troubleshooting tips, you can always seek help from Canon printer tech support or contact Canon Printer on toll free numbers below.

Clean out Dirty Print heads

Streaked lines appear because of dirty printheads.  In most of the cases cleaning the printheads will resolve the issue but some needs to be maintained carefully. To clean the printheads, follow these steps:

  • use the printer’s onboard menu or access the printer settings via your PC
  • select the “Clean Printheads” option available on most Canon printers
  • If you cant find any such option, manually clean the printheads with these steps:
    • Use distilled water and cotton swabs to carefully clean the print heads.

Note: Consult your device’s owner manual to avoid damaged by improper cleaning technique.

You can follow these troubleshooting tips or contact Canon Printer Helpline Number for a quick enquiry or tips.

Check Printer Alignment

Streaked lines on paper can also be caused when the printer runs out of alignment. To correct and to rectify this,

  • access the printer’s menu through the printer itself or via your PC
  • locate the “Calibrate Printer” option.
  • This will recalibrate the printer and help resolve and prevent streaking.
  • If you cannot locate the calibration option, refer to your owner’s manual for step-by-step instructions on how to access the calibration settings based on your specific model. You may also take canon printer toll free number.

Correct Print Quality Settings

Streaking lines also may appear as a result of the print quality that is being set too low. You may try to change the print quality

  • By accessing the printer’s options through your PC’s control panel and device settings.
  • Select “Options” and then “Advanced Options” on your Canon printer
  • Change the quality settings using the drop-down menu.
  • Ensure that settings such as “Quick Draft” or “Low” are not selected and instead change print settings to “High” or “Best Quality”.
  • Ensure that proper dots per inch (DPI) ratio and resolution are selected on the photo before printing.
  • You can also change quality settings by selecting the “Preview” button before printing a project and selecting the “Advanced” option from the pop-up print menu.

Rectify Other Canon Issues

If your streaky lines issue has not been resolved yet, you may check out other parts of your Canon printer.

Ensure all paper being utilized is the correct style for your particular Canon printer and isn’t grimy or harmed. It is likewise imperative to monitor ink levels and supplant or refill ink cartridges that are running low on ink. In a few examples, basically endeavoring to republish a record will settle the streaking issue. On the off chance that the streaking proceeds, notwithstanding the majority of your endeavors, investigate guarantee and swap alternatives for your printer as it is likely that parts of the printer are deficient, exhausted and additionally needing replacement.

Ask Canon Printer Tech Support Expert Toll Free

If you are still not able to diagnose & resolve your Canon Printer Streaky line issues then you may seek expert help by either opting Support for Canon over phone or Canon Live Chat. Our Canon Printer customer service have:

  • Dedicated troubleshooting team of professionals.
  • Are able to do absolute analysis of the technical hitches.
  • Could Fix the whole host of hiccups in no time.
  • Offers services at very nominal prices.
  • No extra charges for consultation.
  • Provide 24X7, round the clock availability even on weekends.

Just note down the numbers below:

Canon Helpline Number for USA- +1-800-436-0509 USA

Canon Customer Support Number for UK- +44-800-046-5700 UK

Canon Printer Tech Support Number for Australia- +61-1800-769-903 AUS



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