Problem in Canon Printer Drivers Installation? Call @ +1-800-436-0509

Facing problem meanwhile you are installing canon printer drivers or setup , or you are not able to use or add printer with your computer, It is recommended to install or upgrade the canon printer drivers in computation to make it adaptable via available version of  Windows.  Some application drivers are installed with windows, are originated with windows update or saved in your system via hardware setup , So we do not to do any installation they are just ready to setup and use.


When even we buy new canon printer or scanner sometime we got some DVD’s or CD’s for drivers that we have to install in our system. But sometime when even you do not have any CD or DVD of the printer drivers in this case you need to visit official site of canon printer and install the canon printer drivers from there and install them on your computer. You will get some instructions from on home site, just follow the instruction for downloading the drivers.

Follow the steps and Install Canon printer Drivers via DVD or CD

  • Click on “Start” button, go to “control panel”, click on “Hardware and sound” then click on “printers” to open the available printers.
  • Right-click on the available printer for which you want to install the driver, click on “Run as administrator” option, then “properties”. Administrator acceptance is required for remind and administrator password, just enter the required password or give the acceptance.
  • Click on “advanced” tab visible on your computer screen. Then Click on “New Driver” available option on the wizard, and then just follow the instruction to add printer driver.

How to Install or Download Canon Printer Drivers without CD or DVD

In case you did not get any CD or DVD with your new printer or scanner, or just format your computer and you have miss place the canon printer driver CD or DVD , then you have download the suitable drivers form official website of canon printer, Before downloading any drivers first check the available windows version on your computer and then search for suitable canon printer drivers.

Visit official website then click on “Start” button and then click on Programs> Accessories> System Tools, then click on “System information” option visible on your computer screen here you will get all your system related information, which you need to check before downloading the drivers.

  • Click on “system summery” and then check for the “system type” check for the available operating system on your computer.
  • Visit official website for downloading the canon printer drivers which is suitable for the available version on operating system.
  • Follow the complete instructions available on website for downloading and installing the drivers.

But still you are not able to check the system requirements or, right drivers of printer for you or facing problems in downloading and installing the canon printers drivers, Do not worry guys call on Canon Printer Helpline Number +1-800-436-0509, where an expert team is available for you 24*7 , Expert team will help in downloading and installing the canon printer drivers.

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