What does the Blinking Light in Canon Pixma Printer Represent? Resolve All Error with Canon Printer Toll Free +18004360509

cloud-snip Canon Pixma has a unique way of displaying errors. The error message get displayed by orange alarming light that keeps on blinking once your Canon printer stuck with an error. The blinking number of time represents the type of error your printer is encountered with.  Essentially, these Canon Pixma error messages appear when your Pixma printer is having problems recognising one or more of the cartridges inside it or any other issues related to the software or hardware part.

If you are too worrying about these errors then you do not have to worry. Just follow the error guide and tips below to resolve the same or contact Canon Printer Toll Free on +1-800-436-0509.

How do the Errors Displayed on Canon Pixma?

Errors and warnings are displayed by the following ways:

  • Most of the errors are indicated by the Alarm LED lit in orange that continuously flashes on your printer with the error displayed on the LCD.
  • Error Messages during printing from a computer are displayed on the MP driver Status Monitor.
  • Error codes are printed in the “operator call/service call error record” area in EEPROM information print.

Some Tips to Resolve Canon Pixma Errors

The following steps should help you successfully overcome some error messages displayed by your Canon Pixma:

  • Take your cartridge out of printer
  • Turn your printer off (but not from the wall socket)
  • Using kitchen roll, carefully wipe the golden chip that’s on the front of your cartridge(s). Make sure that it’s not covered in ink or dirt.
  • Turn your printer back on
  • Carefully put the cartridge(s) back into your printer, making sure that it’s/they’re inserted correctly.

This should have resolved your Canon Pixma Error Message problem! If you’re still having trouble, please, get in touch with Canon printer helpline number +1-800-436-0509 usa and discuss your issue in detail.

List of All Common Light Blinking Errors Your Canon Pixma Display

Below is the list of all Canon Pixma Errors & its blinking count your printer might displays at one or more time. The solution is also mentioned so that you can rectify it yourself.

2 times Blinking:  Carriage Error 5100

This represent an error occurred in the carriage encoder signal. To resolve this follow:

  • Confirm that no foreign material is in the area where the carriage moves.
  • Clean the timing slit film. If it cannot be cleaned, replace it.
  • Replace the following items:
    • Carriage unit
    • Logic board

3 times Blinking:  Line feed error 6000

This represent an error occurred in the LF encoder signal. Perform the following for the timing slit disk film:

  • Clean it.
  • Re-attach it, if peeled off.
  • Replace it, if it cannot be cleaned, or if it is deformed or damaged.
  • Replace the following items:
    • Logic board
    • Drive unit

5 times Blinking: ASF cam sensor error 5700

This error takes place when feeding paper from the rear tray after an error occurred in the rear tray cam sensor.

  • Confirm that no foreign material is around the drive gear on the side of the drive unit.
  • Replace the following items:
  • Drive unit
  • Logic board

6 times Blinking: Internal temperature error 5400

This error indicates that the internal temperature is not normal. Replace the logic board to rectify it.

7 times Blinking: Ink absorber full 5B00

When the ink absorber becomes full, your Pixma start displaying this error. Replace the ink absorber (ink absorber kit), and reset the ink absorber counter. If the issue does not resolve, Contact Canon on +1-800-769-903 AU toll free.

8 times Blinking: Print head temperature rise error 5200

This error says that the print head temperature has exceeded the specified value. To fix this, replace:

  • Ink cartridge
  • Logic board

9 times Blinking: EEPROM error 6800

6801 represent an error occurred in reading from or writing to the EEPROM. To resolve this just replace the logic board.

10 times Blinking: VH monitor error B200

This error indicates that the print head voltage is abnormal. Replace the following items and check if the problem is resolved:

  • Ink cartridge
  • Logic board

20 times Blinking: Other hardware error 6500

This error generally means an unidentified error or a network error occurred. Replace:

  • Logic board
  • WLAN board

22 times Blinking: Scanner error 5011

This error displays that the scanner unit is faulty. To resolve this, you need to replace:

  • Scanner unit
  • Logic board

23 times Blinking: Scanner motor error 5012

The scanner motor is faulty. Try replacing the following items:

  • Scanner unit
  • Logic board

Ask Canon Printer Tech Support Expert Toll Free

If you are still not able to diagnose & resolve your Canon Pixma Printer errors then you may seek expert help by either opting Canon printer technical support number  +1-8000-46-5700- or visiting usa.canon.com. Our Canon Printer customer services have:

  • Dedicated troubleshooting team of technicians.
  • Are able to do absolute analysis of the technical errors.
  • Could fix the whole technical hiccups of Canon Pixma in no time.
  • Offers services at very nominal prices.
  • No extra charges for consultation.
  • Provide 24X7, round the clock availability even on weekends.

Just note down the numbers: – +1-800-436-0509 USA, +44-800-046-5700 UK and +61-1800-769-903 AUS toll free.



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